Christmas time is here.

I love this time of the year and all the things that go with it.
The early morning Christmas service at our local church.
The endless family conversations about everything and nothing.
Nephews and nieces playing pool or shooting hoops on the background.
My son curiously gazing around everyone trying to decipher what these adult spices are all about.

Christmas is fun. Just a few years ago I used to dread Christmas time. I would work myself so hard throughout the year and at this stage, I would pretty much crash and burn. It was also a sombre reminder of all the goals I have set for the year that never materialised.

For all it’s worth, I believe it’s so important to take this time and not refresh and rejuvenate but also reflect on the year with compassion. If the year reminds you of your missed goals, make peace with it as you’ll need this peace to start off the new year well.

From my family to yours, I genuinely wish you a merry Christmas.

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