One of my biggest blessings has also been one of my greatest challenges. I’m a highly creatively out of the box thinker but this often means I tend to overcomplicate and over-engineer things than they need to be. I have great expectations of myself and my work hence I always try and go over and above the call the duty. This sometimes means extending the scope of projects, which at times leaves me overworked and at times resentful.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

To avoid over-engineering things and making my life harder than it needs to be, I have resulted to studying and applying First Principles thinking. It’s a way of breaking things down to the essentials. I’m also putting more focus on defining the deliverables and expectations before commencing projects.

A good example is this blog. The initial goal was to share short random thoughts daily. Somewhere along the line, I decided to make things hard and started publishing full detailed articles. As a result, writing became so much harder than I almost lost momentum. Now that I’ve gone back to the original scope of the blog, things are a lot easier.

It’s worth constantly evaluating what we are doing to see if we are adding unnecessary complexity rather than simplifying things.

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