One of my favourite Tony Robbins quotes is “Nothing in Life Has Any Meaning Except the Meaning I Give It”. It’s crazy how the same thing can happen to two people and yet the way they are affected and respond to the situation is very different. Why? Because we interpret things differently and give different meanings to the same situation.

We give meaning to things based on our past experiences and to an extent how the society and our environment has conditioned us. What if we decided to be objective about the situation? For example, next time you feel anxious, instead of rushing to come up with 20 reasons why you are anxious or what will happen, you just said to yourself I feel anxious, that it. Just acknowledge how you feel without judging yourself or drawing a conclusion. I’ll admit that this is not easy at first but as I’ve been practising this, I’m finding it quite effective in preventing me from escalating.

Some of the challenges we face are not as big as they seem. The main challenge is with outlook and response. If you are soo quick to conclude you’ll end up either beating yourself up or solving problems that are probably not worth solving.

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