Don’t you wish that the people around you would be more aligned with the way you see the world? Consciously or subconsciously we are always trying to change the people around us to see or do things our way. Today I learnt something that hit you like a tonne of bricks. It’s not like I’ve not heard of this concept before but maybe I was not fully ready to fully embrace the message. Here it is: stop hoping and waiting for people around you to change.

It’s easy to blame your current situation or progress in life to your past or the effects of people around you. If only my parents didn’t do XYZ when I was growing up, If only my spouse was more supportive, If only I did not work with people who don’t get it, If only I were in a better city/country …the list goes on. While I do agree that having a great environment and the support of people around you is crucial for your progress, you should not have to use that as an excuse for why you have not got to where you need in life.

I believe in taking full and total ownership for your life. People can treat you whatever way they want’ but it’s still your responsibility to decide how to respond. I know what I’m proposing is not easy. Taking total ownerships forces you to look at options beyond your current limitations. Everything you see in life was created by people probably not more gifted than you.

Stop waiting for people around you to change, you change yourself and then change the way you respond and look at others. No one is on the same wavelength as you. Could it be that the people around are indeed doing their best and you are judging them based on your unrealistic standards? Could it be that you are expecting them to do things that are beyond their limitations? How can you work with what you’ve already got? The more I accept people around me for who they are, the more the relationships flourish and the easier it is to get the best out of them.

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