We all want to be in control and know what to expect in life but the reality is that we live in a world characterised by uncertainty. Take 2020, for example, who knew that the world will be grappling with a global pandemic that we affect every aspect of our lives?  

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Things are changing so fast and there seem to be a million options for the simplest to the big things in life. How do you forward when you don’t have the clarity, answers and certainty you need to make the right choices? How do you stop yourself from being paralysed by analysis on options? What do you do when you feel stuck and constrained by situations beyond your control? My friend, uncertainty comes in many ways I wish there was a way to eliminate it. What I’ve learnt is to make uncertainty my friend. To embrace uncertainty as a part of life and learn to push forward despite it and the stress it brings.

So how do you make uncertainty your friend? The first step is to acknowledge that you don’t know what do and that’s ok. This has been really hard for me to accept since I’ve built my reputation as the expert: the guy with all the answers. How do I tell people who look up to me that I don’t know what I’m doing? What will they think of me? Ain’t I support to know this by now? I’m sure you have these questions going through your mind? Admitting that you don’t know without letting your ego get the best of you opens you up to curiosity and learning. It removes the pressure from decision making as you can now adopt an attitude of experimentation.

Now that you’ve admitted that you are not a know it all,  trust that everything will work out for you and the greater good. Believe that things will become clear with time. The creative process requires time and space. Clarity is not always something you can force through. Some people require all the dots to connect before they can make a move while I’ve found that sometimes moving helps you connect the dots. What simple steps can you take to get started or progress?

What’s become so critical in these times of uncertainty is the value of self-care. Finding ways to care and nourish yourself means you are better equipped from the stress that comes from uncertainty.

I would love to know how you deal with uncertainty. Please comment below

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