I’m one of those people who’s never shy to state their opinion or provide their advice where needed. Heck, you can argue that this whole blog is a collection of my random advice based on some of the life scenarios I’ve dealt with and my aha moments on a day to day basis. The one humbling reality is that while I do my best to present the most accurate information, from times to time I will get things wrongs. Sometimes terrible wrong.

As I reflect on the past, there are ideologies, viewpoints and mindsets that were once part of my life experience and identity that I’ve let go. For some weird reason, I really enjoy it when someone calls me out or proves me wrong. Sure, my ego does not like it but over time I’ve come to learn to be objective about input.

So what’s the point of telling you all this? Hopefully, this is an invitation to engage with my work and provide me with feedback whether positive or negative. Secondly, I’m hoping this attitude of brutal acceptance of feedback and never letting ego stand in the way rubs off. There’s a lot of people who are so worried about their public perception that they fail to take risks or ask for help. Being wrong is ok.

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