This afternoon my wife and I decided to check out the newest nature reserve near our place. As we walked down the scenic path, having a deep conversation and with a sleeping baby on the pram, an interesting topic came up..more on that soon. See, this afternoon, I was so exhausted having done a night shift, come straight home and attended a church service. All I wanted to do was lie down on the couch and sleep but I decided to go for the family walk first.

On the walk, my wife thanked me for coming out despite feeling exhausted. I’m not sure why I sad this but these words came out of my mouth “now I feel like I’ve ticked the good husband / responsible dad box”. “Was that what this was all about?” my wife replied. “Not really but mostly, yes” I replied.

What I’ve come to realise in life is that if you wait to be motivated to things, you’ll never do it. Author Mel Robbins has been frequently quoted saying “Motivation is GARBAGE!”. If left to my own devices, I would have just lied on the couch and missed out on the opportunity to create family moments. To have a romantic walk with the love of my life while discovering a new cool spot. To see my son come alive as he’s showing such a keen loving to nature. What started as a sense of duty and obligation turn out to be a fun experience the family.

Conventional wisdom tells you that you only do things only if you really want to. Don’t just do things just to make others happy. This is especially so if you doing something for others. Ok, I get that. But what’s wrong with pushing yourself to make people who matter in your life happy? Have you ever gone along to a party a friend dragged you into just because you did not want to turn them down only to have a time of your life? What else have you reluctantly said yes to that ended up being great? I feel like sometimes life presents us opportunities and our individualistic mindsets makes us hold back and miss out.

While you have to set boundaries to make sure that people don’t take advantage of you, I believe there’s nothing wrong with doing what’s within your power to make people happy. Actions follow motivations and sometimes opportunities happen when we say yes.

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