It’s been almost a year since the global pandemic hit us all. Most parts of the world have been greatly devastated and it’s in times like these that I feel so privileged to call Australia home. The swift actions by our federal and state governments have managed to contain a major crisis. So what has this experience taught us as a civilisation?

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Governments are capable of taking swift action on things that matter. We are used to seeing government drag their feet on issues that concern us like climate change. We’ve seen governments across the world take fast and decisive actions to contain the virus on a local and global basis. There’s a lot of collaboration between nations to fight a common enemy. Imagine if the same concerted effort was applied towards climate change and other challenges facing humanity today? 

Homelessness is solvable. To minimise the spread of the virus, our governments here on Australia took extreme measures to get homeless people off the streets. While we are doing better in Australia than most western countries, homelessness is still a growing problem. We’ve managed to get a lot of people off the streets during the pandemic. Does that mean that some of that dough can be re-allocated to funding lasting solutions to this growing problem?

People can change. We were all used to a certain way of life until our freedoms and options were taken away. For months we are stuck in our houses with no way of connecting other than through technology. The way we work has forever changed. I know people who once proclaimed themselves as anti-technology embrace it to the max. We’ve had to adapt and change and this can only make us more resilient as a civilisation. 

We are all more vulnerable than we think we are. This pandemic has not spared anyone from royalty, celebrities and world leaders. It goes to show that money and power cannot get you everything you need. Who knew that change and uncertainly can affect people this much? The fear-based responses that have given rise to all sorts of panic e.g. anti-mask protest and the irrational toilet paper mania. People are scared and don’t know how to react. It goes to show that we are all vulnerable if you push the right buttons.

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