As a parent, you are constantly striving to ensure that the next generation is set up to live their best lives. Even before I become a dad one of the questions I grappled with was: what kind of dad would I be and how would I do the best job to set up my offsprings for life?

As parents, we try our best to isolate our kids from our painful childhood experiences. In short, we don’t want our kids to go through the same challenges we went through. I grew up without much and while we had a happy household, I certainly missed out on things that other kids enjoyed. Naturally, when I became an adult, my biggest ambition was to build generational wealth so that future Kiamas would never lack. But then it struck me, not having resource growing up never tainted my ambition. Yes, I still want to build generational wealth but I think accumulating money to pass on to the next generation is not the answer. Rather, it’s the principle of hard work, integrity and resourcefulness. With that, future Kiamas can chart their own course and build their own wealth if that is their ambition.

Ever since I became a dad, I’ve trimmed down their list of things I wanted to pass on to my kids to a few fundamental principles. I wanted to reduce complexity so I can have a simple consistent message that I can repeat and emphasise over the years. If there were to follow these simple principles then they would be set up for life. I’ve arrived at this conclusion by evaluating my life and asking myself a few questions:

Moving forward, I feel that my job now become to pass on the stories, distilled lessons and principles. I’m currently experimenting with creating core values for the family that we can all embody. These core values are what I want to pass on to future Kiamas.

I recommend reading the book Principles by Ray Dalio if you want to live a purposeful, value-based life and pass a legacy to others.

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