There are words and phrases we innocently use every day that are inadvertently sabotaging us from getting what we truly want out of life. Have you ever used phrases like “ this [insert a challenge that’s causing you exhaustion or pain here] is killing me” or “I need to lose weight”

I’m going to sound woo-woo but please hear me out. What research has found is that it’s not just a matter of terminology or phrasing, your words send a literal message to your subconscious mind and this, in turn, manifests in all sorts of ways. The job of your mind is to protect you.

Photo by Binti Malu from Pexels

When you say “I dread making this presentation tomorrow, I think it’s going to bomb”, your subconscious mind takes this literally and starts orchestrating situations that make you avoid it. It’s no wonder people have woken up sick on the morning of the presentation. The interesting phrase I’ve started avoiding in my fitness journey is “losing weight”. Call it semantics but I’ve replaced that with “realising weight”. Loosing implies that something you care about is no longer in your access. Could this be why so many people “lose weight” then find a way to gain it? If I lose my keys I will do anything I can to find them…just saying.

Marisa Peer, one of the leading experts of self-confidence recommends using specific descriptive words that highlight what you want to achieve e.g. I have phenomenal coping skills instead of wishy-washy words like “I’m fine’. Start to affirm these descriptive words even before you see the outcomes. The truth it, you already have what you need in your but you’ll probably need to bring yourself to believe you do.

Retraining yourself to use words wisely takes a lot of practice but it’s totally worth the effort in the long run.

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