Have you ever felt like the odds are stacked against you or have a situation that feels impossible? You’ve probably exhausted all possible options within your control and now you feel like you’ve come to the end? My friend, I have been there many times in my business, career and personal life. The one thing I’ve come to appreciate is that there is always another option, choice or solution to the problem. And the path might not be always what you expected.

I look back to at beginning of this year. I had just been freshly laid off from my job, the global pandemic arrives and decimates the job market and I’m seemingly stuck without options. Then a chance conversation with my auntie to take a different “temp job” while I wait to find my “real job” causes me to change careers and now I make slightly more than I did last year and have more time and life balance than I had before.

I believe the reason why we get stuck, from personal experience, is that we are not immune to our mental biasses and limiting belief and maybe thrown a little bit of ego for good measure. What do I mean? You only know what you know and can only solve problems from the scope of your knowledge. I’m not sure who said it but there is this quote that says that you cannot solve problems from the same mindset that put you in those problems to start with. Unless you can expand your perspective on the situation it will always appear insurmountable. This is where letting go of your ego helps as you can admit you are stuck and get support. At times we feel like being stuck reflects poorly on our ability and character and continue to hold onto things to save face.

I believe that for every door shut there always is another door or opening you can get in. In the bible, there is this story of four mates who really wanted to get Jesus to help out their bestie. The hall was packed and there was no way to get but the boys were desperate and really needed to make this happen. So they went up to the roof, made an opening and lowered down their mate. Long story short, they eventually got what they want through sheer determination and not giving up. It took teamwork and a lot of passion. I can only imagine the options they had explored before eventually ending with the roof idea. That my friend is why having people around you that can help you get unstuck.

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