A few months ago, I announced on social media my triumphant return to creating videos. Then days, weeks and months went on…crickets. I have not posted a single video online in the last three months and I am not sure I’ll be rushing to post new videos just yet. Is it because I’m afraid of creating videos or don’t have anything to talk about? Far from it. I did a video challenge in 2018 that cured my fear for the camera for good. This time around it’s a matter of strategic focus, more of that in a bit.

A couple of months ago, I decided that I needed to get better at writing. This meant writing and publishing an average of at least 300 words ever single day. On top of that, I create a longer form blog post starting from 1500 words every week. I desperately wanted to strengthen my writing skills and that meant total focus. I cut down all other forms of content creation to focus on writing. I want to make it so easy to express my thoughts with words alone just as I do not have a problem expressing myself verbally.

I think some times we try too many things at once and never commit to going deep in one thing until we gain mastery. For most of my carer, I have been a dabbler who tried many things and has a broad knowledge of several topics but not a lot of depth in certain areas. I’m trying to change that by deconstructing and mastering a core set of skills that’ll define the next phase of my career.

So why writing for now? Writing is the base form of communication. See, while audio and video are great and probably have better consumption rates online, they both have some small limitation. I have an accent and happen to speak fast some times. This means that parts of my message can be lost in translation. With writing, I do not have this problem. If you can read English, you can understand me regardless of where you are from. Also, writing is more places: emails, web copy, sales letters, sales collateral …the list goes. Mastering writing has lots of benefits

I’ll probably get back to regular video creation once I’ve reached the mastery baseline that I need with my writing. I’m pretty good one but there is a level I want to get to before I can allow myself to divide my times and focus. Until then, it’s pounding the keyboards and cranking out words.

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