I don’t think there is anyone who has not been directly or indirectly impacted by this pandemic. From the effects on the economy, limitations on movements, change in work life and in the way we connect as humans. Do we shake hands? Do we hug? How close do we stand? While I strongly believe that this pandemic will come and go, there are certainly certain aspects of our lives that will never be the same again. As I reflect on how this has changed me, I know that some of these changes will probably outlast the pandemic.

The first change has been in my relationship with work. As an extrovert, I love being around people. It energises me and fuels my creativity. So, naturally, I love working from cafes and co-working space but not having that for months has forced me into the hermit lifestyle of working at home or mostly by myself. At first, I really struggled but soon I started getting used to it and now I love it. My productivity and creative output have sky rocked and I love working solo. I’m in the process of designing a studio shed in my backyard so that I can keep working from home indefinitely. I now realise how much time I wasted with distractions, travel, setting up and packing down: time that could be channelled toward my family or other interests.

The second change has been an increase in self-awareness and personal growth. Slowing down and being alone for an extended period will force you to face yourself and reflect on life. I’ve had to reflect on what I really want in life and how I want to build my life moving forward. This is not the first time I’ve put a focus on my personal growth. I’ve been here before and failed. This time things are different, I’m making some significant headways. I’m finding myself more consistent on the goals I set for myself. A good example is my writing. So far I’ve maintained a 67-day streak. I’m finally working on my fitness. I guess my goal moving forward is to be intentional with how I live my life and most importantly to live life on my terms rather than let life happen.

How this pandemic change you? What good changes will you keep moving forward?

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