The South Australia government has just announce a new wave of COVID restrictions and we all grappling with the thought of the limitations given how much freedoms we’ve enjoyed over the last few months since the last lockdowns. During the last lockdowns, I found myself almost mentally paralysed. I had all these ideas for things to do while in isolation but i struggled to focus, concentrate or even make a start on anything meaningful.

With time, slowly but surely I adopted to the new normal. My behaviours around work and creativity have changed so much. I used to love hanging out in cafes and co-working spaces with “good vibes” to “get inspiration” but now I prefer the hermit lifestyle of working from home and do not need a fancy environment to “get my mojo”. I suppose that’s a good thing. My creative output is now the highest it’s been in the last decade. I’ve been blogging every single day for the last 65 days. A lot of my growth in the last few months has come down to setting realistic expectations from myself as redefining what success really mean for me.

We are bit a bit fortunate in South Australia because of all the measures the government is put in place to contain this including setting aside some resource to provide temporary cash relief if you need to isolate and do not have a job that pays for your sick leave.

My plan over the this lockdown will be to double down on my writing. I have a new series coming up around helping people prepare for 2021 I can’t wait to hit publish on that.

Yes, I will acknowledge that i am in a privileged situation to be able to still have a job in these tough times. As much as I am frustrated about not being able to go to the gym or free catch up with friends and family, I chose to worry about only the things I can control and influence. I suggest that you try the same. As sad as it sounds, we have been through this before. Forget the news expect off-course official announcements from the Premier and Health minister. If you have long term projects will outlast the pandemic, keep pushing forward where possible. We will get through this and come out the other end strong.

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