Despite all the doom and gloom, 2020 has without a doubt been the best years of my thirties. This is despite losing a job I loved towards the end of 2019 and starting the year jobless, COVID related uncertainty and not achieving most of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. What has been different? I have learnt how to define what true success means to me…more on that in a bit.

We grow up with a certain idea of what it means to be successful…as well as what it means to be happy, wealthy, cool, smart, etc. You just need to look at different publications and there is no shortage of content on how to be successful. But what does success mean for you? Could you be defining success based on other people’s expectations of success? Could you be succumbing to marketing and sales tactics painting a certain picture of success to make you buy whatever they are selling?

The more I’ve been searching within the more I realise that I have just about everything I need. I am healthy and getting healthier the more I put focus on my health and fitness. I have people around me who care about me. And while I could always do with more money, I can afford to live a fairly comfortable life. How much do I need? I mean, how much is enough? I also have the skills and knowledge I need to move my life forward. Off late, I’ve been focusing more on what I have that what I need to get and I’m amazed at how much I do have. I invite you to do the same. Do an objective inventory of all the things you have going for you and you’ll be amazed.

I’ve found that the main reason we feel like we are not successful is that we do not have a clear definition of success. As such, we don’t an objective measure for success. Take a moment to consider the key areas of your life like health, family, finance etc and set realistic goals and expectations on what you want to achieve. Unmet expectations are a big cause of ongoing disappointment and unhappiness.

A grounding habit that has contributed to my happiness and feeling of accomplishment is daily gratitude journaling. I start every day by listing the top 3 things I am grateful for then at the end of the day I list down the top highlights for the day. It’s a moment to celebrate the day and set the frame for the following day.

If you dig deep within, you’ll find that you are doing better than you think. And while you can always take steps to improve your life. It’s important to celebrate what you’ve done.

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