Do you have dreams you want to achieve but have not worked out the courage to make the leap and start following them? You are probably watching others from the sidelines crashing it and wishing you had their courage and skill. What do you do in the meantime while you build the skill and confidence to make your move? Can I suggest something that has worked for me over and over? It’s really simple: be happy for and cheer on those who are doing what you would like to do.

Being a supporter is one of the most underrated ways of getting to your dreams faster. The natural inclination for most people is either to get intimidated by what others are doing and how they are doing it or to revert to jealousy or criticism. I bet the later makes the bulk of most internet trolls, bullies and keyboard warriors. What if you were to become a big supporter of those doing big things? Be the first to like their posts and share positive constructive comments? Say things or share your admiration for their works.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about people crashing it is that they secretly need support and validation. What gift can you give someone who seemingly has it all together? Support their work. By supporting their work, you are invoking reciprocity. I cannot tell you how many favours I have been able to pull in from people in LinkedIn who all I did was like their posts and respond with positive constructive comments.

I’m a big believer that what goes around comes around. If you want to have great clients, be a good client yourself. If you want others to support you with your work, support others. Being supportive to people ahead of you also opens you to their “behind the scenes” which is where the real learning happens.

Make a decision to be happy for others. To be a massive supporter of those ahead of you in the journey. You never know your “cab might be next one on the rank”.

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