Let’s face it, 2020 has not been the best year for everyone. It’s certainly taught us a lot of things but to be frank, most of us wish that the year was gone already. If there’s one thing we’ve collectively learnt is that the best-laid plans can fail and everything we take for granted can be taken away from us.

As of the time of writing this, it’s 50 days left till the new year. I strongly feel that this is the right time to start planning for the new year. Why? Because we want to clean up the junk from 2020 and create a solid that plan with lots of contingencies. We now know that things can change for the worse and the last thing we want to is get caught out as 2020 did for many of us. I would broadly organise the preparation process in three bold phases: Reflect & review, remedy and renew.

Reflecting and reviewing the year is the crucial first step to really understanding how you are going. That way, you can identify the strengths you want to double down on and the growth opportunities. Evaluate your accomplishments and failures, things that made you happy and said and see if you can spot any patterns. Also, start to evaluate how you are performing in different areas of your life.

Once you’ve done reflecting, you want to start clearing the baggage that you don’t want to drag into the new year. Do you have bad habits or limiting beliefs that have to go? Is it time do a massive cleanup around the house and git rid of things that you don’t need any more? What tasks or loose ends do you need to tie down before the year ends?

Now that you’ve reflected and started to clean up, it’s time to clear any mental inhibitions, let your imagination run wild and start planning the year. Remember to keep your goals SMART. It would also be wise to create an evaluation plan to help you track your progress.

The foundation lay down now will determine the kind of the year 2021 is for you. All the best with planning.

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