We all have goals we want to achieve. They could be simple or very audacious. While it’s vital to have a strategy and plan in place, at some point you have to move from planning and talking about it to actually implementing.

One of the things I’ve learnt about myself and had to confront is perfectionism. I expect a lot from myself and everything that I put forth in the world. As such, it’s easier to keep talking about the idealistic solution and find excuses of how I need to “get that thing lined up” or “learn that skill” so I can make a move. The reality is that you’ll never have everything lined up. What will propel you forward is making massive imperfect actions. One of my favourite quotes for the last few years is “Done is better than perfect”. Once you are in motion, you can always get feedback and improve on things but without anything on the table, you have nothing to work with.

For others, and this is something I struggle with too, is you probably have several possible projects and ideas and you fear of making the wrong choice. So you keep talking, researching and planning. You are wallowing in indecision and not choosing a way forward. I’ve come to terms with the fact that an “average” decision is better than no decision. At least with an average decision, you can still learn but without a decision and action, you have nothing. Your life has not moved forward.

What is it going to take to move from talking to doing? Will be reevaluating your why to make sure that you have the right goals for starters? Or will you need to set firm deadlines and create some consequence for not following through? Will it mean getting accountability from people who will hold your feet to the fire?

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