In this first paced world, you always hear phrases like “You have to be decisive”, “strike it while it’s hot” or “you snooze you loose”. As a result, we are constantly finding ourselves making big decisions without much consideration. I’m no stranger to this phenomena. I’ve made many big decisions in the heat of the moment that I have come to regret. Most of these decisions are on opportunities.

In the last few days, I had a big decision to make. I’ve been scratching my brain on a go-to-market strategy and an interesting opportunity presented itself. One of my old competitors is on the process of shutting down the business and I was seriously considering buying them out. I tried reaching out to the dude to see if here were free to chat and he did not respond. This gave me time to pause, reflect and do more due diligence. After careful consideration, I decided not to go ahead. If the dude gets back to me I’ll just tell him that I wanted to see how he’s going.

Like most people, when I am excited about something. I just want to dive in make things happen. Off late, I’m learning to distinguish when it’s a good idea to metaphorically “strike it when it’s hot” and when to “sleep on it”. Some decisions do not need to be made on the same day. When I’m making these big decisions, I’ve been asking myself these question: Will this matter in 5 years? What are my options? Why now? It also helps that I have been studying how to use mental models to help with decision making.

We all have a criterion of what matter. This affects our decision making. Please note that I’m not advocating for indecisiveness or prolong decision making. I’m merely suggesting that you develop the skill and capability to decide what needs to occupy your headspace and what can be posted to a future day or better still, what you can ignore altogether. Sometimes I find that merely writing things down and scheduling a time to revisit helps with reducing the cognitive load so I can focus on fewer choices during the day and not have to be forced to make tough calls under undue pressure. In short decision making is a skill worth constantly reenforcing

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