Fitness, where do I start. I’ve had an interesting journey full of ups and downs. My weight has always oscillated up and down like a yoyo. I’ve constantly talked about how much unfit I am and needing the energy to get things done, yet never really taken consistent actions to maintain my fitness for the long haul.

This year, things changed: my son was born. Thankfully for us, our boy is growing so fast and getting heavier by the day. About a month ago, I realised how much I was struggling just carrying him around. This was my tipping point. I can afford to drop the ball on other areas of my life but not as a dad. It was time to do something. Around the same time, my good mate Craig decided to sign me up to his gym and paid for the first three sessions as an early Christmas gift. Just like that my fitnesses journey was back on track.

What’s going to be different this time? Will I go through periods of intense motivation and intensity then stop when life gets busier? I could be overly optimistic but I think this time around things are different. I have the lessons from hindsight on knowing how much years of neglecting my health has affected my life. I have a newfound sense of motivation and purpose as I want to be the best dad I can be. I have big life goals that require me to be in the shape physically and mentally to achieve them. For once, I decided to hire a personal training to keep me accountable and guide me through the process.

I believe a big part of having sustained fitness is having a great “why” behind your intentions. This will keep you motivated beyond when the journey gets tough. Have accountability is another essential part of the process, which is why I decided to have a coach and gym buddy. This time, I have decided to take a long term approach to the process rather than focus on short term tactics. If it takes me longer to lose weight then so be it. I want to make sure that the actions I take are sustainable. The longest journey begins with a single step and patience always pays.

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