Today was proof that some of the most painful problems don’t require hard solutions. In fact, the solution might be simpler and cheaper than you think. In continuing with yesterday’s conversation on simplicity, today I would like to share about a simple $5 solution has brought peace and harmony to our houseful. 

We’ve had this problem of squeaking doors in our house for a while. For a long time, we put up with it because we thought it was too hard to fix. That said, that arrival our son has added urgency to address this problem. See, depending on how we open the doors, the squeaking noise from the doors can wake him up before he’s had enough sleep which in turn at times leads to painful outbursts followed by excruciatingly long and tiring soothing sessions. I tried asking our favourite handyman to come and resolve this but he’s got so much work on the go and can’t look into ours. So, we’ve been stuck with this issue and it’s been driving my wife and I bananas.

Today, I had enough of this problem and decided to drive to the local Bunnings Hardware store and ask if there is anything I could buy to fix the solution. 5 minutes later, my son and I walked away with a $5 can of lubricant. I get home, watch a 2 minute YouTube video on how to best apply the solution to the hinge and just like that the annoying problem that has been pestering us for a long time was gone. Just like that. Best still, it took me less than 20 minutes to apply the solution to all doors in our house.

This got me thinking about how we magnify the relatively simple things in life. How come I never thought of going to Bunnings all along? How come I never bothered to Google this. Why did I let myself get stuck over such a small problem? I have many questions going through my mind. Today’s experience is a good reminder that everything can be figured out. To always approach problems with an open mind and apply first principles when evaluating solutions. Whatever you are struggling with could be simpler than you think.

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