As usual, today I attended the regular Sunday service, this time online because our little dude has his first cold and it’s been a little rough on him. The current theme for the church is Vision Month as the church prepares the congregation for a great 2021. The message today was around the topic of simplifying and it was so profound. The core take out I got from today is that less is more and if you want to have a great impact in your life, you have to learn to simplify.

This message is especially relevant to me because I have the capacity to make simple things complex or set unrealistically high expectations for myself. It could be the perfectionist in me that I am slowly squashing. My mantra has always been “go over and above the call of duty” which while noble in its intentions, it can also mean overdoing and in some cases setting myself up to fail.

Of late, I’ve been training myself to be a first principles thinker. The greats of our time like Elon Musk use this method to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creative possibilities.  The fundamental idea is to break down complicated problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up.  Our natural inclination is to solve problems from known solutions in which case we get the same outcomes as everyone else.

The challenge for you and is to get back to first principles. What areas of our lives are we overcomplicating. How we can we do less without dropping the ball? How can we simplify things?

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