It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost coming to end. A stroll around the shopping malls and you’ll notice that the decorations are already starting to go up. Heck, Christmas decorations are already on special. This year has had its share of ups and downs for a lot of people. The question is: Should we just stay put and wish it away and hope for a better 2021? Is it worth salvaging what’s left of 2020? I think that there is a lot you can do over the next 2 months that can help you finish 2020 strong and lay down a great foundation for 2021.

So how do we make the most out what’s left of the year? You could start by revisiting the goals and dreams you had for 2020 some of which might have gone to the sideways. What have you forgotten that you could start pack in? I challenge you to look critically and be open-minded on this. Next, you could start laying down the goals for 2021 and then evaluate what you need to make your 2021 goals come true. The later is what I’ve been spending the last few weeks doing. What pre-work needs to happen do make it easier to work on your 2021 goals?

2020 is not all gone. Sure the year did not pun out as most people expected. That is now water under the bridge. The most we can do is look at the future with confidence.

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