This week has been quite interesting in my learning journey. Normally, I tend to take a structured approach and decide upfront what I want to learn at the beginning of the week, then seek out the content to consume to help me achieve my goals. This week I started with some curiosity about the topic of investing and then pretty much decided to follow the rabbit hole see where it would lead me. I watched videos on startup investing, asset allocation and even some on economic principles for good measure. Then Youtube recommended some videos on startup growth and I divided into that too. Someone along the line I remembered a book I’ve always wanted to read called “The Body Keeps the Score” and before you knew it I was on YouTube watching book summaries and keynotes from the author about the book’s big ideas.

Was learning randomly and going down the rabbit holes a waste of time as compared to my usual process? Surprising not? I found myself engaged while learning difficult concepts. There were a lot of things that I did not realise were important and worth knowing until I immersed myself in the topic and followed the trails. As a result, I feel like I have a stronger understanding of the topic of money and investing.

While I’ll not be abandoning my structured approach to learning, I think there is a place for curiosity-driven unstructured learning. I guess what makes this process so much fun is that it reminds me about kid’s play. Kids start playing games and then evolve the play as they go. The only thing I’d probably do next time is to give myself some reasonable boundaries e.g. sticking to general topics like money etc. It’s worth trying this method if you are looking to master a topic 

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