Does it ever feel like you have a million things to do and not enough hours of the day to do them? You might be feeling constantly overwhelmed by the many things that demand your attention that you are almost paralysed and not sure what do work on next. The solution to this might be much simpler than you think. I first learnt about this solution through David Allen’s GTD method, one of the most popular productivity systems in the world. 

The first part of the GTD method is Capture. Here you want to write down every single thing in mind that you think needs to be done. It does not matter how silly it sounds, the goal here is not to filter things, just do a brain dump. The reason why we get overwhelmed is that we are overloading our mind with too much. We are trying to work through the current projects and yet trying to process things that are not urgent. Your mind is made for thinking and not for remembering trivial things. This is where you’re written to-do list comes in place. You start to use your mind like a reference device that can remember only the critical things and the rest you can refer elsewhere.

We live in the age information overdose. We are constant he with so much information and stimulated from every angle. Writing things down frees us from having your attention divided and you can focus on only a few things that a time. The lesser things you can focus on the more you accomplish. Success builds on success and this is one of the ways you start to find yourself more productive.

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