This week our little dude turns 4 months old. To say that parenting has been a huge learning curve is probably an understatement. Being a dad has changed me for good, mostly in positive ways. My future outlook is so different and I’m grateful for the big change in perspective. See, raising a child is one life endeavour that requires you to be very present in the daily moments yet maintain a very long term outlook.

Our son is growing so fast that I feel that if I’m not careful, I’ll miss out on the small milestones that never come around again. At the same time, we are thinking about his future: schools, what we need to provide him with the best life and how our current actions will impact him. For once in my life, I’m thinking in terms of legacy and generations.

In baby land, a lot of things need to be planned out way in advance. E.g. We are visiting child care centres now with a view of starting in mid-2021 and then there is planning our careers so that we can both manage to support each other and be good parents when my wife eventually goes back to work.

I’ve always been a spontaneous free spirit who struggles with long term thinking and planning. Planning has not always been my strongest skills and to best honest, up until lately, I struggled with finishing most of my projects. Being a dad has helped me solidify the way I see the future and plan for it. I’m constantly asking myself these questions: what kind of future do I want for my son? How will my current actions impact my family in future? What lessons do I want to pass on to my son? The tricky thing is that kids learn by watching and not what we tell them. Therefore, any traits I want to pass on to him I must embody them first. A few weeks ago I finally joined the gym because I want to be fit enough for when he starts to run around.

Thinking long term is the key to staying focused and producing lasting results. You just have to look at Jeff Bezos and how his long term thinking has helped him create the colossal Amazon empire. My goal now is to create things that will last for generations. Future Kiamas will thank me for the diligence and foundation building. Being a parent does change you.

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