Today I facilitated a small family group discussion on the topic of offence and forgiveness. We shared our personal stories and perspective on the topic. A common theme that stood out is what I believe helps most people’ eventually forgive or let go of hard stuff. Having more things to be grateful and live for than clinging on the thing that hurt you in the past.

I started my daily journaling and gratitude practise about 2 months ago. Every day I write down 3 things I am grateful for. They don’t have to be grandiose and elaborate, sometimes I’m just grateful for the warm cup of warm drink I just had or just the fact that its warm outside I enjoyed a walk with my family. Daily gratitude has made me genuinely happier and more present. One of the biggest things I’m working on in my life is to fortify my mental health and learn how to be genuinely happy from within. I believe that you have to be happy first then you enjoy the things that enhance happiness. For example, money and possessions don’t make you happy, they just enhance your happiness and magnify more of who you are.

Gratitude is an equaliser of humanity. Everyone from the richest to the poorest can have something to be grateful for. You don’t become grateful because things are going your way. You are grateful in spite of what’s happening. Gratitude is the very thing that kickstarts your healing and wholeness journey. If you haven’t started, start a daily gratitude practise. You will realise that you have more going for you than it seems.

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