The last 7 weeks of daily blogging have been transformative. I’ve been writing about my daily reflections and things I’m learning along the way. My darling wife who is a massive fan and a constructive critic of my work has started using an interesting line every time we have “constructive debate” (codename for arguments or differences in opinions) that ends up in a teachable moment. Here’s new seemingly favourite line is “make sure you write about it”.

Today I was reflecting on my wife new favourite phrase and I have to admit that once again she is right. She’s always right The only way to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes over and over or ensure that your victories are not a once hit wonder is by capturing the lessons. Capturing the lessons means you can build systems that can be deployed every time the situation surfaces. With time you start to train your mind to respond in a certain way and slowly by sure you are altering your behaviour. then your character and ultimately your life for good.

The last five years have been the most transformative. I had some really tough years followed by some calm and stability in the last two years. I want to my struggles and low moments to be worth it by making sure I never end up in the same situation as well as build principles that will allow me to support others who are in the same situation. This is why this daily writing thing is deeply personal.

When I started writing, the goal was to become a better writer by engaging in deliberate practise every day. Now, this has taken a life of its own and I’m loving where it’s going. Life teaches us lots of new things every day: whether it’s through engaging with others or the epiphany moments that hit us. Whatever life is teaching you, write it down. Your future self will wholeheartedly thank you for it.

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