I’m a big student of life, I always try and evaluate every experience to see what I can learn from it. Someone once told me before I became a dad that some of my biggest teachers will be my children. My adorable 4-month-old son has certainly taught me soo much about life. He’s at that stage where he’s emotionally expressive with smiles that can melt the hardest hearts.

The thing I love about kids is their sense of innocence and confidence. Unlike us, grown-ups who have been encumbered by responsibilities, kids entire secure lies in their parents. As long as they can look at the parents and you look happy, they feel secure. When they cry, they expect that you’ll show up to comfort them. When you ignore that for any extended time they demand your attention. Why, because they know they are worthy of the attention.

Off course, as we grow up, life knocks us around a few times and we lose that sense of confidence and expectation. Our self worth erodes along the way and we stop expecting a lot from life. Sure, I’m not asking you to be a self-obsessed brat who walks around with a sense of entitlement. All I’m asking is that we consider the fact that we are worthy of the great and abundant things that life has in store for you. Just like my son expects me to comfort him when he’s crying and actually allows me to do so, we can expect that there are people around us who want to help if we let them.

Your sense of worth does not come from what you do but you who are: a human, a child of God, someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend. You are worthy of every good thing that life has to offer but you have to believe that. Otherwise, you’ll be selling yourself short. I hope this inspires you to walk taller, to ask for help when you are struggling because there is a whole army of great people (sometimes beyond your circle) willing to help you.

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