Have you had times in your life where you feel so inspired to go after something? I’m having on of those this week. I’m feeling so inspired about a new business I’m planning on starting. I can clearly visualise how well it will go and the impact it will have. That said, we have to move beyond inspiration into action. It’s so easy to daydream and stay remain in that state of euphoria and never take the steps required to make your dream a reality.

So why do we get stuck in the inspiration cycle and never press the trigger? Personal, I’ve found it to be a combination of factors: fear and poor project management.

Let’s talk about fear for a moment. Going after your dream requires courage. It’s easy to talk about things but the defining moment is when you need to put yourself out there and act. This is when all insecurities surface: memories of past failures, fear of failure, imposter syndrome … the list goes on. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. The biggest visionaries of our times have all reported having fear before starting any meaningful endeavour, but they learnt how to acknowledge the fear and continue pursuing their goals. What if we could see fear for what it is: our body signal to tell is that we are about to do something worthwhile.

Poor project management is another thing that kills dreams. To accomplish your dream, you need to break things down into actionable milestones and decide where to start. Make sure you are setting realistic goals so you don’t set yourself up to fail. So, for whatever you feel inspired to do, what is the next logical step? It might be worth speaking to someone if you are not sure where to start.

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