I have concluded that happiness is not something that happens as a result but something we can choose to have regardless of what’s happening in our lives. In short, happiness is a learnable skill.

For a long time, as a society, we’ve been sold a narrative of happiness that only happens when we do certain things or acquire things. This make happiness the elusive thing can be exploited by anyone who wants to sell you something. What if we could decide to be content and happy? Is that even possible? What does happiness mean to you? Have you taken time to define happiness for yourself or are you caught up in the pursuit?

Of late, I have been spending a lot of time self reflecting. I love this quote from French philosopher Blaise Pascal: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. The reality is that when you stop to reflect, you will realise how much of things we chase us in life you don’t need. If you did not have to chase you the things you think will make you happen, how differently would you spend your time? You’ll be surprised at how much perspective you can have on your perceived problems because your mind surprising has most of the answers. What would happen if you deliberately spend time cultivating a habit of happiness.

I’ve personally chosen to cultivate happiness in life through my choices, the material things acquire and what I pursue. I have been following a lot of successful people who are genuinely happy and one thing I’ve seen in them is that they pursue their interest and things they believe in wealth and fame happens as a consequence. It’s about being mindful and self-aware, then that way you can do things out of conviction and not just follow the crowd.

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