Today, I caught up with an old friend with whom we’ve been on the trenches of entrepreneurship and experienced the highs and lows. We were swapping battle stores as well as keeping each other accountable on what we are working on. What was fascinating to observe was that while we are not pursuing the same types of ventures as we started with, our experience and skills are proving very handy for what we are individually working on now. Our initial businesses failed and we’ve both had to pull ourselves by the bootstraps and start again.

When your business fails or you have some regrets on your past career choices, it’s tempting to feel like you have wasted time. How come you never made the right choices to start with? I’ve come to see everything you’ve done in the past as lego blocks, every mistake or victory is slowly building a foundation that will propel you closer to your destiny. My past mistakes have helped me identify my areas of growth and I can still leverage my old skills differently. Never discount your past experiences. You have not wasted your time.

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