Today something magical happened. In the last week, I’ve been preparing a message to share with a small group of family and friends on the topic of dealing with offence. Today I presented it and to my surprise, my simple messages erupted into a vibrant discussion with a call to action on forgiveness and reconciliation. What I did not also anticipate is the effect this message was going to have on me. As soon as I was done sharing the message, I felt a big massive weight off my shoulder. For once I felt that I could let go of any offence I have been subconsciously dragging on and did not realise was holding me back.

Here’s the deal, as humans we have every ingredient we need to succeed on our but we only fulfil our highest potential when we effectively work with others. Working with others creates plenty of opportunities for offence. Today I had a massive epiphany: staying offended at people means you missing out on opportunities. You are metaphorically leaving money on the table. See, everyone you know can open some form of door for you. By staying offended, you miss out of the benefit and value that comes from working with others.

Make a resolution to deal with the offence in your life. It’s cost you more than you think it is. You can access my slides from the message here. I must warn you, there is some reference to the Bible but it’s a very practical message.

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