My entire career in tech has involved working on projects and situations where there is no precedence. Where we roughly know the outcomes that we want but do not know how to get there. So, over the years, I’ve learnt how to solve problems without having everything I need.

The world we are living in now, especially with the current COVID pandemic is full of uncertainty. The so-called “new normal” is confronting, and a lot of people are struggling to adapt and change. We all want things to go back to the way they used to be, but unfortunately, not everything will ever be the same. So how do we forge forward in the face of uncertainty? How do we create opportunities during the new normal?

I believe that everything can be figured out. There is always a silver lining during every challenge. Rather than let uncertainty paralyse us, we have to trust in our capacity to figure things out and solve new challenges as they emerge. It’s in these times that a lot of opportunities surface. A good example for me is how being laid forced me to change careers, and now I have more time with my family and hobbies like writing this blog. Remember it’s not enough to believe in yourself, you have to back yourself up.

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