This week I took on a mammoth challenge of editing my brother in law’s 60th birthday celebration video. My brother in law is a bonafide legend who puts everyone first and today we wanted to celebrate him. Over the last few weeks, I got 17 of my family members here in Adelaide to record a short video of what they appreciate about him. We also scanned a lot of old photos. I had a lot of assets to put together to start an edit.

Now before you pat my back for doing a good job, I’ll have you know one thing: I don’t love video editing and I’m not good at it. That said, I have wanted to get back to YouTube and video-based content production and editing is an essential part of creating. With this project, I went all in. I was determined to push the edit and not just line up the clips: I’m talking good transitions, fixing audio and some B-roll.

The final product was well received by the family. This has got me thinking, why have I always been afraid of editing? Why do I put mental barriers on certain aspects of my life? I believe that some of the biggest opportunities in life lie at the edge of your comfort zone. When you are ready to smash your perceived barriers and push past the difficulties, great things happen.

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