When I was young, my biggest idols that I looked up to for inspiration were all famous people: authors, celebrities, CEO of world-famous corporations the list goes on. The older I got, the more I realised that the people I idolised were humans with their faults. Some of the people I once idolised have had embarrassing public failures.

This disappointment in understanding the lives of my idols has caused me redefined who I look up to. I no longer look up to the famous individual but anyone who possess the kinds of quality I love. A good example is my wife. She is the most balanced person I know. She’s taught me so much about building a great career, managing expectations and having a quality of life.

When it comes to public figures, I am specific about what I admire about someone and what I don’t. That way, you don’t look at someone, put them on a pedestal and assume they are a perfect well-rounded human. A good example is Elon Musk. I admire his pioneering spirit and accomplishments. That said, do I like his personal life? Probably not. The point is, admire the specific qualities but never expect people you look up to have it all together.

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