I’m a big believer in the value of hard work, dedication and taking full ownership of your life as the means of achieving what you want and moving your life forward. That said, here’s another factor that will determine your success depending on how you use it. I’m talking about timing. I think of timing in two ways. The actual times we live in, e.g. we are now in 2020 and second, the time to act or not to act.

The actual time you live in affects the opportunities available to you. For example, I’m writing this in 2020 when the world is still grappling with a global pandemic. The effects on world economies are catastrophic. Many people are struggling. That said, some people are thriving because every era brings its opportunities. I took advantage of this season to get into writing and then results so far are very promising. Bottom line is that you need to understand the times you live in and the challenges and opportunities. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the past and never take advantage of what now has to offer.

The second dimension of timing is understanding the time to act or not act. Act too early, it could be a premature move or act too late and you miss the boat. I would love to give you a simple answer but what I’ve found in my life over the years is that you need to build your capacity to make great decisions. This comes of learning how to use mental models rather than rely on your mind default way of thinking, which makes decisions and predicting the future based on past experiences.

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