Welcome to my first weekly learning roundup. I would love to bring you behind the scenes of the content I have consumed all week and share my key take-outs.

My goal here is two-fold: One, I want to distil the lessons learnt in a short and precise way so you can take them and apply them in your life. Two, I want to keep myself accountable for everything I learn so that I do not become another learning junkie who just consumes content and never does anything with the insights. Trust me, taking notes and summarising this stuff is hard work alright but it makes my learning process so worth it.

How To Be More Productive (Quantum Mastermind Recording)

Hugh Jackman on Best Decisions, Daily Routines, The 85% Rule, and Much More | The Tim Ferriss Show

Jocko Willink Interview (Full Episode) | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

How to Create an Abundance Mindset With Investor Arian Simone 

Thomas Frank – What to do if you have multiple interests


What to do it you have many interests: The myth of Warrant Buffets pilot.

Further reading:

Thomas Frank – How to Make Consistent Progress on Your Goals (Even If You’re Lazy)

The 20-second rule.

Further reading:

Thomas Frank – What to Do When You’re Too Lazy to Stick to Your Habits

How to Build Self-Discipline Lesson #1: How to Form a Habit


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