If there is one thing that can help you get ahead faster in life is having a mentor. Before I delve deeper, I would like to explain the difference between a mentor and a coach. A coach is an everyday guide that cheers you on the sideline and ensures that you do what you set to do. A mentor, on the other hand, is someone who’s been where you want to be and can provide you with strategic direction. In a nutshell, a coach provides you with the step by step directions while a mentor simply provides you with the roadmap.

Finding a mentor can be quite hard since these people are busy running their own business or driving their career. That is where virtual mentors come in place. I learnt this concept from the book “ Think and Grow Rich “ in which the writer recommends assembling your virtual mentor list from the people you admire the most dead or alive. Assumably, you have a great reason why you would love to have these people are your mentors. When you want to make a crucial decision, you would imagine your ‘virtual mentors’ sitting in a mastermind round table where you were pitching them your idea. You then imagine the feedback each of them would provide based on their strength, experiences and world view.

In my virtual mentor list, I have the likes of JD Rockefeller, Charlie Munger, Steve Jobs, Joshua from the bible…the list keeps expanding as I study more inspiring people. I’ve studied these people extensively and can almost hear their voice when I’m making decisions.

Who will you add in your list? Try assembling your virtual mentor team today

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