It’s been 25 days since I started this daily blogging thing.  At this stage, the habit has become almost ingrained and I’m now finding writing easier. This was not always the case, it’s not the first time I have attempted to have a daily writing practise. The first time I started this, the whole thing came crumbling in less than 10 days. That was early on in the year. I wish I never deleted the entry so you can see how cringe-worthy they were.

The reason why I failed the first time was that I made the classic mistake everyone building a website does: I saw a feature on a website of someone I admired and thought it was a good idea to do the same. The worst thing you can do is copy someone without any understanding of their purpose and underlying strategy.  I see the same mistake in websites every day: lots of me-too features that look out of place.

The other thing is that I underestimated the effort it was going to take. See, writing unlike speaking is not always our automatic form of communication.  When you speak, it’s easy to articulate an idea in your mind and express it on the spot without much effort. With writing, you are having to form a thought, thinking of how to write it and then after writing edit it over and over to make sure you have communicated clearly and not made any grammatic errors. Also, in most cases, you are starting with a blank page which can be quite intimidating. This is partly what makes writing hard.

The only way I have been able to resume daily writing and do it with this level of consistency is by having a purpose. My goal is to one day publish widespread impactful work that changes millions of lives. Now Michael Jordan did not become one of the best basketballers in history by just wanting it too badly, he put in the time and deliberate practice. This is why I am doing every single day.  With every keystroke, article,  video script or newsletter, I’m becoming a better writer. I’m getting better at reducing the friction that comes with the process. With time, this will become second nature. I will be able to publish great work with little effort.

Writing is the base form of human communication. You don’t have to worry about pronunciation or accents, anyone who can read can get the message I am trying to portray on this note even if they can’t hear me. While the way we consume content is changing, writing will never lose its place.  If you want to have an impact and spread your ideas, I would encourage you to take on writing. 

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