Here is a random fact about driving at night, with the low beams on (which is normal lighting mode), you light can only stretch between 45-70 metres ahead, which is as far as you can see. With the high beams on, we are talking 100 -150 metres. This means that at any point of your driving, you can also see between 45 to at most 150 metres ahead.

While you can’t see that far ahead as compared to daytime driving, this does not stop you from getting to your destination. As you continue driving, you get to see another 45-150 metres. Your limited vision of the full picture never stops you from forging head because you know the path will unfold as you keep driving.

With this analogy in my mind, why do we insist on having everything lined up before we can make a move in life? What if we are to adopt the same mindset as driving at night, start driving and the path will unfold as you progress. You don’t have all the answers? No worries, keep forging forward.

There is a time and place for planning and strategising but in many cases, you just need to make a move and trust that the path will unfold. I hate to sound woo-woo but answers and solutions will come to you once you are in motion. What stopping from you from making a move today?

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