Over the last 5 weeks, I have been attending the Building a Second Brain program from the world-leading productivity and knowledge management expert  Tiago Forte. Over the last decade, I have been a course junkie attending course after course with no tangible outcomes to show for knowledge consumption. This time around, I decided to zone in and put the time and effort required to not just complete the course but implement everything I learnt. I faithfully attended every live session and mentoring sessions some of which were at the oddest times of the day. 

To say that the program has been life-changing is probably an understatement. This is not just another course. It’s an immersive live learning experience. If I ever create a course or program, this is how I will do it. We had live sessions,  mentoring sessions,  virtual breakout rooms and online discussions. The content was up to date and so relevant.  It was so inspiring to interact with other course participants and see how different people take the same knowledge and apply it.

When I joined the course, here is what I was struggling with:

The course has had so much impact in my life than I expected. Some of the key outcomes from the experience have been:

I’ll post further updates as I implement.  If the program ever comes up for enrolment, consider it. In the meantime, you can check out Tiago’s Blog.

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