One of the best ways to get the most out of your efforts is understanding your biggest strength(s). This what I call your superpower(s). If you’ve watched any superhero movie, you’ll notice that every superhero character has this one superpower or a set of them that makes that helps them ‘save the word’. Spiderman can fly, Thor has this hammer thing…well, you get the idea. By utilising their superpower, the hero is able to flow rather effortlessly and “defeat the bad guy and save the world”.

The same goes for us. If we are able to fully understand and utilise our superpower, we can achieve a lot with everything feeling like an uphill battle. I’m personally at this stage of life where pure hard work alone will not bring me closer to my goals. I’ve spent the last two decades working my tail off. I’m now looking to leverage my skills, strengths, knowledge and life lessons so that I can do more without the same effort I’ve expanded in the past.

Some of my biggest superpowers are: I’m really good at tech: name any system and I’ll learn it use it in no time. The other one is my capacity to adapt and change to whatever situation life throws my way. This has proven so invaluable as the world is changing so fast and a lot of people are grappling with navigating change. I probably have to thank the challenge during my upbringing for that. The third superpower is my capacity to learn and with the new skill I’ve acquired on knowledge management via the Building a Second Brain course, I now feel like the world is my oyster.

What is your superpower(s)? Commit yourself to find them, naturing them and leveraging them.

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