Today I leant a concept that has challenged my perception of progress and success. One of my favourite YouTubers released a video on her journey towards earning 10 million dollars over the span of the last 5 years. You can watch Sunny’s Lenarduzzi’s video here.  Her inspiring journey is not without its ups and downs. My biggest take out was the way she evaluates progress.

Off late, I have been working on a number of projects and I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel like I’m not making much progress based on how I internally evaluate success. So, when I learn this simple framework for looking at progress, I felt a big weight off my shoulders. Here it is: Test, Fail, Learn, Grow, Repeat.

Test things, fail fast, learn your lessons, growth through the process and repeat. What I love about this way of thinking is that it takes the pressure off a metric based way of assessing your progress to seeing every action as moving you further to your desired outcome. It’s the antidote to the fear of failure. How can you fail if everything is doing is an experiment with learnings?  What if you could approach life like a scientist? Everything you do would be an experiment. You would be completely detached to the outcomes and everything every result will be a lesson that brings you closer to your desire.

How are you evaluating your progress in life? 

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