I’ve been writing daily for the last 18 days.  In today’s update, I would love to take you behind the scenes into what it’s really like to write consistently every single day. On top of daily writing, I also publish a new article on my blog every week. For context, I started this practice as a way to improve my writing and to permanently cure the much dreaded “writer’s block”.  The inspiration for this is Seth Godin, a world-acclaimed author who attributes daily writing to his great success.

Typically my writing process is simple. Every day, I jumped into Bear, my writing app of choice and either write about something that I already have in my list of writing ideas or whatever I feel inspired to write about at the moment. This article today is a good example. It was not in my list of possible topics but I just felt inspired to share my progress.

The good part about daily writing is that I feel like I’m finally flowing well as a writer. When I start writing, ideas just flow, I feel creative and I actually enjoy the process.  Writing the first few articles was a little strange. I’m also getting better at spelling checking my work and picking up reckless grammatical errors. Presenting work with grammatical errors is one of my biggest insecurities since I never want anyone to perceive my content as substandard. I also find that I can also easily articulate relatively complex things in very few words given I try to keep these daily updates to between two to five hundred words.

The hard part has been constantly coming up with new content ideas to write about every day. The way I have mitigated this is by capturing ideas for daily content so I have something to pick from. Another strategy has been to come up with broad guidelines for what to talk about e.g. Weekly round, daily thought, share something I have learnt etc. That way, I can still come up with new ideas but use the guidelines to stimulate the process.

All In all, I’m glad I started and persisted with this habit. I can already start to see the changes in me as a writer. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to create major work by writing.  While there are multiple ways to consume content, writing still remains the universal base of all communication. 

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