In the last couple of days, my energy levels have been quite low. I’ve tried the usual tricks I use to motivate myself to get things done and found them to not be as effective. That said, I’ve pushed myself very hard in the last couple of weeks and worked just about every single day. I guess at some point the body has a way to remind you that you are pushing too hard.

I’ve gotten pretty good at managing time and like you, I only have 24 hours in a day. The fact that my energy levels have not been optimal means that regardless of my good time management skills, without the energy to do the work, managing your time will not get you the whole way. The big aha moment for me in the last couple of days is that I need to get better at managing my energy.

In a broad sense, when we talk about energy management, there are different types of energy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I won’t delve into and what each of them means. Here is a great article that explores this further. 

Personally,  my physical energy is one that I need to give the most attention. I feel like the big culprits are not getting enough sleep and not hydrating enough during the day. Now over to you? What area of energy (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) do you feel you need to manage? What can you do to increase your energy in each area?

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