As a full-time employee, entrepreneur and budding content creator, I find there are so many moving parts in my day.  That’s why in the last few  months, I’ve decided to jump head first into the productivity bandwagon and invest in my capacity to make the most of my time and maximise my creative output. 

Leveraging technology is a key part of staying on top of things.  I’ve learnt that you not only need systems to run your business, you need systems to manage yourself as an entity. 

As a knowledge worker, you need two types of systems:  Your personal information and knowledge management system and the systems you use for work.  Let me back up a sec, a knowledge worker is someone who’s work typically involves gathering, processing and presenting the information. Most professional services workers, trainers and consultants belong to this category. In fact, I am convinced that everyone is virtually a knowledge worker. The biggest mistake we make is that we invest in systems for our jobs but when it comes to managing ourselves, it’s a mess of sporadic notes, scribbles and trying to memorise or remember things.

Your personal information and knowledge management systems help you capture and organise your information and manage your day to day life. The premise is that rather than trying to hold everything in your brain, you need to offload this into a collection of tools called the Second brain. The job of your brain is thinking and processing not storing information.  

These system cover areas like note taking, task management and personal dashboards. There are difference schools of thought with choosing these systems: the all in one tools or a collection of tools. Some of the most popular systems in this space are Evernote, OneNote, Notion and Todo apps like Todoist … the list goes on. I personally use Evernote for note taking and Notion to manage most aspects of my personal life like goals, projects and habits.

The system you need for work vary from job to job depending on what you need to get done. They might be generic e.g. email, spreadsheets, general CRM or industry specific.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to drive at is that we need system not just for managing work but ourselves if we are to be fully productive.

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