In today’s update,  I’ll have to admit that I was not entirely sure what to write about. This is a pretty common problem with everyone trying to create content online. As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I am in the process of setting up a content schedule and product workflow to ensure that I am always on top of my content creation regime.  In the meantime, I’m still making stuff up as I go.

The one thing that’s helped me come up with something  concrete to share today is the power of accountability. See, when I started this daily blog, my goal was to write and publish daily regardless of how ready or not I feel. The main measure of success for this blog is a published article every single.  I am so afraid to breaking the steak because it makes me look bad plus it’ll affect my confidence if I am the guy who sets goals and never achieves them.

If you are trying to create something meaningful, you can increase you chances of succeeding by enlisting accountability. Announce publicly what you want to do or get someone you trust to hold you into account for doing what you set to do.

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