How do you give yourself the best chance to succeed in whatever endeavour you are engaged in? This is something I have been pondering about a lot lately.  I have a number of projects in the pipeline and goals that I want to achieve. In the past, like many people, I have started projects with the right intentions and motivation and not seen them through.

I can probably personally attribute a lot of that to what  Daniel Kahneman calls   The planning fallacy, which implies that we optimistically overestimate what it takes to accomplish our goals in future.  The other thing is not setting the systems you need to succeed. The later is what I want to explore in today’s update.

This big question I’ve been asking myself is: “How do I create systems to make sure that I’m able to execute on my goals every single day?”.   To start off, I’ve needed to narrow down what my main output  is?  By this, I mean a tangible thing I need to produce. This year, my number one goal is produce content starting with articles, the podcast and finally YouTube.

Now that I’ve narrowed down my main output which is writing (mainly articles) , the next thing I’ve been implementing is a content schedule and production pipeline. That way, I know what gets produced when. I have also set up accountability structures by announcing that I’ll be writing every day. Perhaps the one thing left to do is to create consequences for not executing.

So there you have to. You cannot rely on motivation to sustain you through your goals. Create habits and systems that give you the best chance to get things done.

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