Do you have family or friends with kids especially little ones? What happens when you interact with their kids? You can have as much fun as you want with them and then give them back to the parents when you’ve had enough or when the kids get upset.

Well, here is what happens for us parents, when you hold your kids and your hands get tired, change hands or position and repeat step one. When they cry uncontrollably or get upset, you soothe and settle them and get on with life. When they get messy you, they are still yours. Spoiler alert, you never hand them to someone else whether you are tired or not.

This statement “you are left holding the baby” has never been made so much sense as now. The reality is that I love holding my baby. I love comforting him when he is upset and doing everything within my power to ensure that he has a great life.

This analogy has got me thinking a lot about our other “babies”. By this I mean the things we create that bring joy and meaning to our lives e.g. businesses, creative work etc. Do we fight for them, defend them and do anything within our power to see them through to fruition? Do we take full responsibility and ownership for the outcome whether things go well or not? What would happen if you had the outlook out a real parent?
My son is 3 months old. It will be at least another couple of decades until he’s ready to leave the nest…it’s a long term commitment. This got me thinking of what would happen if I had a long term outlook when dealing with my other “babies”?

Raising great children is a lot of hard work that requires dedication and commitment. The same goes for our dreams.